GET THE WORK : Translations can be sent either by email, fax, or by courier and in special circumstances can be collected.

EVALUATION AND DOING THE WORK : On receipt of your translations they will be examined for subject matter, density and terminology. We then inform our customers the timescale involved and then the document is passed to the relevant translator. We endeavour to use 1 translator for the whole translation which we feel gives continuity and interity to the translation. However, in the case of urgent translations this may not always be possible.

ORGINALITY OF CERTIFICATE : Your translation is done in exactly the same format.

COMPOSITION AND REDACTION : The translations made by our interpreters are editted by our proofreaders.

NOTARY APPROVAL : If you need the work approved by a notary, we may follow the process free of charge. However all notary fees must be paid in advance by the customer. In cases where it is necessary to obtain an apostile from the governor or state this can be concluded by us free of charge.

WORK DELIVERY : The work will be delivered on time by e-mail, fax or if requested by courier.

QUALITY OF WORK : We guarantee the quality of the translation.

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