The pricing is based on the content of the document and the no of words or characters per page. A page consists of 180 words or 1000 characters without spaces. Diplomas and certificates are charged as 1 page even though they do not contain 180 words or 1000 characters.

Our translation unit price varies according to the size as well as the language of the translation.
Therefore please contact us at or 0090 555 481 13 42    for the the pricing of the the document to be translated.

• 18% VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included on the translation fee.
• The notary certification fee is not included in the translation fee.
• Notary certification fee will be charged separately by the relevant notary.
• The equipments for Simultaneous translation are included in the price.
• The document under 1000 characters will be priced as a one-page document

Separate pricing is applied on translations where subject experts are required.

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